The PHILLIPS Community is a place where people feel they belong; each of us is appreciated – we are loved! The people, the Partners of our community, treat each other with reverence; a sense of spirituality is pervasive. Our love is expressed, in a leaderly way, by not allowing any of us to default our better selves. Unlike the conventional wisdom, we believe in Goethe’s view that it is best to love people, not for who we are, but rather for whom we could and ought to be...

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Mr. Alan Phillips
President, PHILLIPS Corporation

Living and working with Joy in our hearts.

As a member of the CE! Team I really value my exposure to all PHILLIPS partners. I get energized by the passion, expertise and level of engagement displayed at all levels. Our community is filled with such brilliant minds! A culture of openness and limitless possibilities drives me to continuously explore the path to self-awareness and to think outside of the box. With such supportive and highly competent team members, it’s quite easy to find joy in what I do!

Amy Sidibe

HR Specialist

Creating Legendary Value in the minds of our customers (external and internal customers).

We have what I feel are the best of the best people. Every day I have the opportunity work with the top professionals in the industry. I know that if I don’t have the answer to something, there are many others that do. All of us together bring something to the table that adds legendary value to the company. We all have different backgrounds on how we were taught to machine. And because of that wide range of ability to help our customers to grow, prosper and be successful.

Ben Vandehoef

Applications Engineer

Exemplifying a learning organization -- having a Competency Development focus in relation to all Partners & customers.

In order to grow as a company, we must all be open to learning new things and remain in the “learning mode”. I recently made the suggestion at a PHILLIPS Commercial meeting to add a monthly “lunch and learn” to our calendar. All partners should be ready and eager to learn, and not just wait until someone asks them to do so. This learning should happen in and out of the office. Stay active and engaged, and your life will be more satisfying.

Carrie Lenzen

Sales & Marketing Director

Mastering Possibility thinking and challenging conventional thinking.

PHILLIPS Corporation is a place of awesome opportunities for each of us to create and transform our own possibilities into new realities. We are bold, audacious and defy the norms of mediocrity within our industry. Our partners are engaged, and we tirelessly collaborate our focus on our customers to ensure we exceed their expectations while setting new standards for others to follow.

Tim McClanahan

Business Development Manager

Hiring and retaining the Best.

We treat our employees as our own, PHILLIPS has a work culture where each employee feels like an asset to the company. I am able to retain 99% of partners working with me for 10 years by maintaining a positive & open work environment. At PHILLIPS, we give our partners opportunities to grow & learn side by side recognizing & rewarding their good work. We are working here as family, I always try my best to assist in each partners in their personal as well as family life to support them.

Shailendra Rathore

Service Manager

Being Highly Purposeful in owning our vision/mission.

As partners, we all have a collective duty in ensuring that we are holding ourselves accountable for each integral role that we play. Being highly purposeful in owning our vision and mission, to me, means understanding the bigger picture, by not only taking responsibility for your role, but also being responsible for understanding the roles of others. Through this you will have a clearer picture of the impact that your actions have on others. Greatness cannot be achieved alone, it’s a process of constantly learning from one another.

Olu Edwards

Customer Liason


Having Deep Respect (spiritual reverence) for all Phillips Partners.

The culture at PHILLIPS Corporation allows one to flourish and grow mentally, physically, and spiritually due to the deep respect PHILLIPS Partners have for each other. This all starts with our leadership emphasizing this type of culture through their example of deep respect for each PHILLIPS Partner to thrive in areas such as; creativity, knowledge, and prosperity.

Stan Allen

Sales Engineer

Ingraining rapid paced Continuous Improvement in all that we do, both incremental and transformational.

In my new position as Applications Engineer, I have met with our customers to discuss how they are utilizing their Haas machines. I have found that many of our customers are unaware of what their Haas machine can do. I make it my personal challenge to use all knowledgeable resources to come up with a creative way to solve their issues while promoting OPTO services. My philosophy is: There is nothing you cannot do-just something you have not done yet. If you walk up to it and think you cannot do it, you have already beaten yourself.

Jim Weimer

Service Engineer

Using and Building on the Best Ideas, regardless of the source -- our dialogue is omnipresent.

PHILLIPS Corporation is an organization which believes in strong relationship with all stake holders which include partners, customers, and suppliers who are committed to mutual growth. While doing this we create an atmosphere of High performance standards and Smarter performance objectives. We build the best ideas through this atmosphere by finding innovations and by learning from past experiences.

Ramkripal Yadav

General Sales Manager

Accomplishing High Performance results -- the best by any measure.

Inside of the PHILLIPS community, the partners are self-driven. We want to be the best and we won’t stop until we get there. There is no path to being the best so we create and follow our paths to being the best. We are committed to not only improving ourselves but lifting up each other in our collective goal to make PHILLIPS Corp the best company on the planet.

Everett Bunting

Federal Service Engineer

Performing 100% Ownership in all that we impact and in all that impacts us.

Every person at PHILLIPS needs to be conscious of how we create a positive impact for partners and customers. This means we have a duty to own the experience, regardless of our role, and ensure a positive experience. The idea is that we are not just responsible for our part of the process, but for the overall customer experience.

John Williams

Sales Engineer

Living Magnificent Challenges as the best path to our personal growth (competency development).

Living Magnificent Challenges truly inspires our community to strive for greatness. It is amazing how accurate this performance standard is. You may wonder, “how do they have fun while trying to overcome a roadblock?” It’s easy, our brilliant partners recognize that laughter is a cure for every situation, whether it is a pre-meeting game, or taking some time to tell a joke while brainstorming, these simple yet effective methods continually increase our superior thinking and provide epic achievements!

Jen Montroy

Senior Benefits and Payroll Specialist