• Think CAD CAM,
    Think Phillips!

    PHILLIPS Machine Tools India, the best networked distributor of machine tools in India, is in continuous efforts to enhance the products and services provided to customers. In order to support this we have partnered with Mastercam, to deliver latest and cutting-edge CAD/CAM software for CNC machines.


  • CNC Software
  • CNC Pragramming Software


PHILLIPS Machine Tools India is privileged to be the distribution hand of Mastercam since the year 2016. Mastercam was established in 1983 in USA and produces CAD/ CAM products to be used with the CNC machine tools in an extensive range of industries. Phillips has been endlessly working upon broadening the reach of Mastercam’s NC software package, which is the prime choice among CNC programmers.

With supplier channel across India, PHILLIPS has made sure that these products reach CNC programmers located in every city of this country. This delivery is also supported with excellent and high-end round the clock servicing.