Why Phillips Services?

  • Globally renowned Machine Tools Technology supplier
  • Presence of more than 10 years in India, with more than 3000 happy customers
  • 10,000+ installations in India alone
  • Our goal to ensure minimum downtime helps our customers gain maximum profits
  • We stock 90% of spare parts in our technical centers across India with 75+ engineers on field
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Phillips Machine Tools India is one of the most renowned machine tools brand in the country with presence of more than 10 years now & 10000+ installations, with a reputation for new age distribution, manufacturing expertise and outstanding after sales service. When you are done buying with a new product, you shall be confident in the fact that you've purchased not only a quality product which will give you maximum returns, but also a care for your machine, and after sales service, ensuring minimum breakdown.

In India, Phillips has its indentation across all major towns and cities with ready availability of spares available in the country and the service engineers who are equipped to take care of any critical conditions.

Phillips Machine Tools India also has a strong value added service which is done to put focus on technical skills of associated team which is involved in planning and production of machines. Phillips provides the new trending Robotic Integration Services for most CNC machining centers.

The greatest advantage that is derived in the Indian context is the increased uptime from the CNC machine. Phillips has also upgraded itself with the new app which brings the servicing and caring of Machines into your lap.

Secured by client friendly and learned sales persons, Phillips Technical outlets are becoming the most noticeable in India. Our unique feature of Phillips service provides the most vigilant and insightful service that is unusual today.


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