To be a leading contributor in improving the communities
where we live, work and play.

A hearty and a vigorous community help create connections that allow us to live more significant lives. PHILLIPS Machine Tools India supports a varied set of projects and initiatives intended to develop the quality of existence in the communities in which we function.

A very similar project like ‘For Pete’s Sake’ in USA, PHILLIPS wanted to start our CSR activities in India to do something for those who do not have anybody to fall back on and hence in the year 2012 we started searching for the right company / organisation / NGO to support.

And our team came up with ‘India Foundation’, which was selected from the thorough assessment between different fund raising organizations and NGO’s:

A. Why we chose Concern India:

  • The company supports a cause magnanimously!
  • It reflects the values instilled in PHILLIPS Machine Tools.
  • Not just make contributions, but a difference is what we want to create!

Concern India Foundation is a registered, non-profit charitable trust working towards its objective of ‘Helping People Help Themselves’ by making the underprivileged and the deprived offs self-sufficient and thereby enabling them to lead a life of dignity and respect.

It was set up in 1991 to extend financial and non-financial support to the very genuine and grass root programs such as providing education, health and community development and so on.

B. Introduction of Concern India Foundation:

Our support through these issues helps us reach out to a broader section of beneficiaries such as children, youth, the specially challenged, women and the elderly.

C. Activities we were involved with Concern India:

a. 2012 – 2013

!. Cricket for Concern –An Inter corporate Cricket match was organized for the purpose of fund raising. But when we commenced with the campaign, we were late for registration since it was the in the mid of financial year; so couldn’t participate.


b. 2013 – 2014

!. Kick for Cause – A campaign being initiated for those good souls, an inter-corporate Football match was played and we won the award of Best disciplined team.

c. 2014 – 2015

!. Joy of Giving Week – The joy of giving is the evergreen beauty. The satisfaction of stretching an arm for help towards the needy is ecstatic. Diwali was on 24 th October and the entire month we planned for the Diwali get together at home. But at the same time we thought of doing something good and different for the people in the society where we live, work and play.


And the idea of “WISH TREE” came to our mind. During Diwali celebration the “Wish Tree” was kept and the concept of wish tags was explained to the partners and their families. These wishes were “one day meal costing Rs. 250” “books for one child Rs. 500” “medicines for elderly person”, “computer course for a student Rs. 5000”, etc. The partners and their families were too excited to understand the concept and whole heartedly contributed and filled the “Wish Tree” with all the tags. The wishes of the Wish tree was fulfilled and finally with all India Support the total amount collected was Rs. 54,026/-.


d. 2015 – 2016

!. Pause for Cause – An exhibition was being organized by all India traders of Temporary and Contemporary dresses, sarees & ladies accessories at Hotel Hyatt and it was a mammoth gathering of people from all across the city to support the cause.


e. 2016 – 2017

!. Khel Khel mein – The Company organized sports day for the underprivileged children to encourage them and make them come out of the shell and be bold, boost their moral and make them fit too. And it brought a complete change in the atmosphere of the place. The purpose of organizing the event was thus fulfilled.


f. 2017 – 2018

!. The current year has been scheduled with multiple activities for the needy. And we are eager to fulfill them with great vigour. We are waiting for more exciting activitiesfor this year.